My advice for nursing students


 Finally, you might be curious to hear my final take on what it is like to become a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN). I would say that this training is like making an investment in yourself. You will need to believe that you can get the skills that you need to prepare for some of these challenges. There are many patients that will rely on you to conduct vital medical procedures.

Even the doctors and other nurses will want to have a LVN that they can depend on when things get difficult. I know that I am a vital asset to the team I work with every day. You will need to weigh these benefits along with some of the challenges that it might present to your life. By doing this, hopefully you will reach the same conclusion I did and join in on this important career field.

A Day as a LVN in California

 There are many different types of experiences that a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) can expect to encounter. They will be one of the most valuable assets that a hospital can have, because they will be needed to perform vital medical tasks. There are patients that will need to have routine procedures done, such as blood tests and other evaluations. These minor tests may take up quite a bit of the hospital's time. Though it may seem hard to believe, having well trained nurses on staff can make the entire system run much more smoothly for the hospital.

 Since these nurses are in high demand, they can expect to face some long hours in the hospital. I have been asked to fill long shifts that might run up to 12 hours a day. This can be challenging, but it is important for the hospital to rely on these trained medical professionals. I know that my hospital appreciates the work that i put in to developing these skills. I also find it very rewarding to see that my patients are well taken care of while they are here. Some of them may come in to the hospital feeling very sick, but quickly leave feeling better than ever. I get a great feeling knowing that I have been a part of this essential healing process.

 I would also like to emphasize that many people will simply enjoy the challenge that the medical field presents to them. As a LVN, I will be asked to learn a number of different vital skills that can be used throughout my day. It makes me proud to realize that I have cultivated a vast body of expertise on different medical techniques. Though the work itself may be challenging, it represents something that I can be proud of in my life. You may want to think about whether you would like to feel this sense of satisfaction for yourself.

Career & Salary

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Career and Working Conditions

 Some of you might be wondering what you could expect if you followed the steps necessary to get certified as a LVN. This is a very rewarding job, because everyone will have the chance to perform many different essential medical functions. There are so many options out there, that you will need to make sure you get the most out of them. You might want to work alongside other experienced medical staff in a hospital setting. Many types of nurses also enjoy working in a clinic atmosphere. As you advance and get more training, you will find that more options will become available to you.


Others will naturally be interested in the different types of income options at their disposal. For somemone who haven't had a nursing job before, they might be impressed by the amount of money you can make. An experienced vocational nurse should not have any problems with getting over $60,000 in a year, the average LVN salary is around $47,000 - source: This number may vary based on a few different factors. There are some locations in this country that have a higher demand for these nurses, so they will naturally want to pay more money. Try to find the places where your skills are in the highest demand.

Why I became a LVN?

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There are many perks to becoming a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) these days. I've found that the demand for these professionals is rapidly increasing across many areas of the United States. Some people might be curious about how they can get in on this rewarding and engaging career field. There are a number of different options that can help people get the training that they need to become a LVN. If you haven't ever planned this out, you will want to just take some time to do some preliminary research. I would like to talk about the many advantages to consider about different training programs that are out there.


Schools & Degrees

 I think will be interested to know that there are hundreds of colleges all over the country that feature some top rated programs related to this field. If you haven't thought about this, you will want to research some of the options that are available to you. There are a number of great in person programs that will give you practical experience that you need for this field. You might also be interested in taking some online courses that will fulfill the requirements that you need. All of these are essential components to getting the training to become a LVN. Don't forget to make sure that you are preparing to get your license to practice.